Does hard work pay off? If not, then why do we work? Let’s find out.

Working hard and success

What’s at stake in this gamble?

- Hard Work.

In this game called life, we are all gambling our work in order to move forward. Trying to compete with each other blindly just running the human race.

Why work hard then?

Let me tell you why.

How does ‘work’ pay off then?

See, when you are working towards something, be it anything you want to achieve, you put your mind and body through it. Working hard or not, doesn’t matter now. What matters is that you are working.

Let’s try another example.

Suppose you are in a team sport. Cricket, football, anything like that. Your team needs to qualify for a tournament and in order to do so, you have to win 3 matches. Now, you might win 3 matches or even 2. The reasons can be many. You might or might not qualify.



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