Job — secure income or liability?

What is a job?

Let’s see from the eyes of a common man. I’m not generalizing or anything, just taking the most common notion of the common man.

Job — a liability?

We are at the precipice of our youth, just after finishing college. Our brains are ready to absorb all they can from the new world we are about to enter. But wait! Is it so simple though? Obviously not. There are constraints.

How does job end up becoming a liability?

As I mentioned earlier, we end up losing our own unique way. For example, my friend wanted to be a pilot. But as he grew up, he realized the practicality of life. Life is not all flowers and roses. Growing up, the chains of getting a stable life for himself bound him so hard that he didn’t even realize giving up his dream.

Words of an influencer

A friend of mine is a social media influencer and I’d be lying if I said she is not doing well. Ranging from fashion to public affairs, she is active in everything. I asked her a simple question — “Would you have done a monotonous corporate job over what you are doing right now? If no, then why?”

Knowing all this I’m still starting a job

I am starting as an IT professional myself. Yes, a job at a software firm. Haven’t worked a day in my life before. One can argue that I may have lost sight of my own unique way as I like to call it. But if you ask me, I’m still trying to find my way and what is my purpose in life. Till that day comes, why not make some money, after all, I’m not inheriting the Ambani family’s inheritance.


Our friends and family. People who care for us, or not. Well, that’s a mystery for the ages. Anyway, people around us especially for whom our job is providing. Say you have a spouse and a child. Now, just to make sure that they get a stable life you unconsciously chain yourself to the thought of securing a consistent income. As I said earlier, you forget your own unique way. Is it the right thing to do or not? I’ll leave it up to you to decide for yourself.



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